Essay on Evaluation Of A First Line Supervisor

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Explain what you have done to prepare yourself to be a first line supervisor. You may expand upon items that are listed in your resume including education, training and positions held in the department to include extra duty assignments.
I have been preparing myself to be a first line supervisor in a police organization for many years. I started my career in law enforcement as a Military Police Officer at the age of 17. I rose to the rank of Sergeant in five years. That was my first taste of leadership. I was the assistant squad leader and team leader, responsible for solider supervision and development. I was tasked with following orders and giving orders to accomplish the Military mission.
I have sought out various extra duty assignments and positions with increasing loads of responsibility throughout my career, thus far, as a police officer. I became a Field Training Officer in 1997, after two years of service. The training I received helped me to understand what motivates officers, how to coach, train, and mentor them. I have done this successfully and trained many officers. I have been an active member of the Use of Force Training Group as an instructor in the following areas; Firearms, Taser, and ALERRT (active shooter). These responsibilities require the training, coaching, and evaluation of officers of all skill level and tenure, in the respective area. My experience in these areas has increased my ability to lead effectively in those training arenas.

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