Evaluation Of A Conduct Disorder Essay

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mmy is an 8-year-old boy in second grade at his local public school. He lives in an apartment with his mother and their family cat, Fluffy. To those who do not know Timmy he appears to be like other 8-year-old boys. However, those who know Timmy well have witnessed some behaviors that raise concerns. Furthermore, Timmy’s mother has noticed and been made aware of actions that are disconcerting. Ultimately, it was these observations that led to Timmy’s diagnosis of having a conduct disorder. A conduct disorder is defined as a “persistent pattern of antisocial behavior that significantly interferes with others’ rights or with schools’ communities’ behavioral expectations.” (Turnbull 151). There are three categories of conduct disorders. The category of a conduct disorder is dependent upon the age in which signs are present and when a person is diagnosed. Childhood onset occurs if a child presents signs of a conduct disorder and is diagnosed before the age of 10. Comparatively, adolescent onset occurs when a child presents with signs of a conduct disorder and is diagnosed during their teenage years. Lastly, unspecified onset occurs when signs first present themselves at an age unknown. The symptoms of a conduct disorder vary between person to person. However, there are some distinct symptoms that indicate that a person may have a conduct disorder. Some of the most prevalent symptoms of a conduct disorder consist of aggressive conduct, deceitful behavior,…

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