Evaluation Of A Clinical Site Essay

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Describe how you would choose clinical sites to complement the syllabus that you developed for Week 5? Include both a simulation and off-campus experience.

Health promotion in nursing clinical experiences could be attained in a verity of settings. In order to choose a clinical site(s) that complement the course. I would use the service learning model (Mueller,2016). I would choose a clinical site(s) that interact with the community and governmental agencies. Involving the students in the community around the university benefit all stakeholders. Prior to selection of the site I would conduct or review community assessments to see where the greatest needs are that matches the mission and objectives of the course. Clinical sites can be can be based in a community, private, non-profit, office/managerial, clinical, educational, group home or a hospital setting.

For simulation for health promotion I would have the students use low fidelity simulation (Jeffries, Swoboda, Akintade,2016) to have a simulation of health promotion activities with patients who are non-adherent with the plan of care and practice the teach- back-method. Another simulation activity is to hold a mock testimony or hearing committee to add to the discussion of lobbying for health care and nursing issues in legislature. Ideally, students would watch an actual hearing such as during a Student Nursing Political Action Day in the capital. However, this might not be possible depending on the time of the course…

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