Evaluation Of A Cellophane Tape Test For Lice Essay

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1) To perform a cellophane tape test for lice you can use cellophane or regular tape. First, (after putting gloves on) you place the tape on the skin and hair so that the sticky part of the tape can collect any visible or non-visible parasites. Try to pick up visible, abnormal particles present from the skin or hair. Collecting the whole hair shaft is useful to see if the lice have infested themselves deeper in into the skin. Once you have obtained the hair sample, place it on a slide with the sample down, and proceed to examine it under the microscope (Cellophane Tape Method, 2013).

2) Another situation and species where a cellophane test would be useful is when trying to determine if a horse has pinworms. A louse examination is different in that the procedure consists of physically looking for lice (louse) on the cattle (Cellophane Tape Method, 2013). The examination consists of looking at one inch squares on the main parts of infestation-“face, dewlap, neck, and back and base of the tail.” Scan over the surface of the hair first and then dig deeper into the hair to count the number of visible lice present in each square. Once each square is examined, the results can be compared to degrees of infestation (Townsend, 2013).

3) The two different orders of lice are Mallophaga and Anoplora. They are differentiated from each other in that the order Mallophaga consists of lice that chew on the animal’s skin, while the order Anoplora consists of lice that like to…

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