Essay Evaluation and Expansion of the Body Shop

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This essay will entail an overview of The Body Shop’s origins; an analysis of the brand using academic theory to evaluate its position within the market, and its existing communications strategies; and finally a proposal detailing how The Body Shop can tailor its communications toward specific target market in Dorset.
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Brand Analysis & Communications Plan
Brands & Brand Communications

Brand Origins

(See appendix 1)

Strategic Brand Analysis

Customer Analysis

The Body Shop segments its target market psychographically. This is because their target market is defined
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Customers buying the brand know that when they purchase something they are also putting something back into the environment, which ultimately makes them feel good about themselves. Therefore, they will have a positive outlook toward The Body Shop as a brand, because of its positive ethics and caring nature.

Competitor Analysis

The Body Shop currently upholds the title of the ‘greenest company’, however its USP is quickly fading as mainstream brands are beginning to introduce new ranges of natural, eco-friendly products. Despite ownership belonging to L'Oréal, the market leading cosmetics manufacturer, The Body Shop has failed to produce a significant payout since its takeover in 2006, with its sales falling during the fourth quarter of 2010 ( 2011).

Notable brands that are in competition with The Body Shop include H20, Sephora, Bath and Body Works, and Origins. However, their main high street competitor is LUSH, also a producer of ethical and environmentally conscious cosmetics. LUSH’s brand philosophy mirrors that of The Body Shop’s, believing in buying natural ingredients from companies that don’t test on animals, instilling self-esteem in their customers, and that their promise of fresh and organic ingredients going beyond making miraculous claims about their products. Furthermore, all of LUSH’s products are handmade, putting them in a similar

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