Evaluation And Evaluation Of An Intervention Plan For A Client

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Professional performance is an important aspect and skill of social work. Professional performance and knowledge should always be strengthened, to ensure a social worker is contributing the best quality of service towards his or her client. Evaluating practice skills safeguards a social worker’s professional performance. This paper will appraise my practice skills by evaluating my assessment process and how I develop a plan of treatment for a client. An evaluation of how I implement an intervention plan will be analyzed in this paper by monitoring my progress, as well as my client’s progress. Furthermore, this paper will interpret my skills used to competently develop the initial assessment and treatment plan for a client. Finally, the methods used for client termination, follow-up plan, and an evaluation of treatment outcomes will be examined.

Personal Practice Evaluation
I will be working with a teenage girl who has an open case with Greenbrier Youth Services. Her case has been opened since July 2015. She has been charged with being a habitual runaway. The client has displayed defiant and violent behavior towards authority figures, in this case her mother, and is self-medicating with marijuana. The client also displays behaviors associated with low self-esteem and low self-image, such as feeling unloved, feelings of being a constant failure and being a bad person.
Jennifer Smith is a 17-year-old Afro American girl who is struggling with obeying…

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