Evaluating The Validity And Methods Used For Collecting Data Essay

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The purpose of this critique is focused on evaluating the validity and methodologies used in the Pew research report. The first part of the critique will focus on the research methodology and what methods are used for collecting data. Followed by examining the sampling procedures used and evaluating how effective they were in relation to the research report. The remaining part of the critique looks at the research authenticity in terms of bias material and whether any fallacies are apparent in the report. Lastly, the critique looks at the ethical process in regards to collecting data.

Research methodology is the process of obtaining analytical information through collecting data. This methodology is connected to two paradigms epistemological stance “ways of knowing” and the theoretical paradigm “ways of seeing” (Weerakkody, 2015 p. 8). Generally collecting data can be broken down into two groups quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative data is usually based on numerical value and is used to understand questions like how much, how many or how often. Furthermore, quantitative research is generally content-free concerned with analyzing hypotheses (Daymon & Holloway 2011, p. 105). Additionally, methods’ are considered the means of collecting data. For example, the methods used in collecting quantitative data consist of the following characteristics:

• Telephone interviews
• Mail and Internet Polls
• Content analyses
(Daymon & Holloway 2011, p. 105).

The main research…

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