Evaluating the Propaganda Model of the Media Essay

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Emmanuel Sokias
Evaluate the usefulness of either the ‘propaganda model’ or the ‘political economy model’ for the study of media power.

The Chomsky-Herman propaganda model, at its core, asserts that “elite media determine what topics, issues and events are to be considered ‘newsworthy’ by lower-tier media… in order to serve the interests of dominant, elite groups [in society]” (Klaehn 2005, p. 2). Most assertions of this theory are relevant for today’s mediascape, though by and large the propaganda model holds a prejudiced view of media ownership and conglomerates at the helm of power. The media industry is undergoing vast changes, with its reach and influence prominent on levels never before seen. Due to the fluidity of the media
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The mean population remain content to believe what the media produces, daily. In order for these alternative news sites to receive longevity and prominence, funding from certain businesses (all of whom have different agendas) is required, as “no research in mass communication can ignore questions of mass media ownership and the economic implications of that control” (Gomery in Meier 2002, p. 299). Businesses providing funding hold sway over what content is published, so not to oppose their own initiatives. As evidenced above, a cycle presents itself and ultimately, for any media outlet to receive large-scale reach they will fall into the filters of the propaganda model.

In the past few decades, the media industry has fallen into a comfortable cycle of reporting only where it has situated its various news sources. Through establishing such relationships in these areas, big media report the same type of news, which lies in the first world for various reasons, though largely based on economy and ease. Chomsky and Herman (in Klaehn 2005, p. 5) assert, “the media may feel obligated to carry extremely dubious stories mute criticism in order not to offend their sources and disturb a close relationship.” The aforementioned lack of coverage of the power-grid failure in India shows this. Due to India being a developing nation, it is placed in the periphery of news headlines in first world countries, with events that

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