Evaluating The Best Employee 's Record And Performance Report

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Action Research
The action research focuses on records which are information recorded detailing business activities and processes. Organizational records help HR monitor historic progress of businesses, staff performances, financial statements, deductible expenses and identify source of income. Through action research, HR focuses on retaining employees using critical mass to solve issues. Critical Analysis is needed in order to break down the root of problems. Attracting and retaining the best employees are highly recommended for HR. Likewise, choosing the best employees to help with organizational production is the first step using action research. When using the action research, it is important to build a culture of transparency between leaders and employees. Through action research HR can evaluate the best employee’s record and performance report.
Organizational records also can determine the cause behind many decisions. Records are able to identify organizations decision about why certain employees should be retained. Organizational records, including performance reports, are important data used for the purpose of making business decisions. Performance reports determines the strength and weaknesses of staff members and organizations as a whole. They represent whether staff members are able to complete specific task. In addition, performance reports require organizations to show that money spent was efficient and useful. Melitski & Manoharan (2014) noted that “The…

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