Evaluating Teachers Essay

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Daniel De Jesus

EDA 551

Grand Canyon University

March 23, 2011

ii) Responding to Parent’s Letter
(1) Formal Response 123 Lincoln Ave
Orange, NJ 07050
October 26, 2010
Mrs. Robertson
250 Central Ave
Orange, NJ 07050 Dear Mrs. Robertson:
I write this letter to completely reassure you that we are taking the concerns you brought up with the utmost seriousness that they deserve. As a matter of fact, we have investigated the matter the last couple of days to ascertain the facts and events of what happened in Ms. Paulson’s Computer Technology Class on Monday during the third period. There were 27 students
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As such, issues of this nature will need to be addressed during and after the investigation. As a school administrator, it is also my responsibility to uphold various principles as stated in the ISLLC Standards for school leaders (Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium), particularly those dealing with Standard 2:
“An education leader promotes the success of every student by advocating, nurturing, and sustaining a school culture and instructional program conducive to student learning and staff professional growth.”
This is the case particular in relation to the three functions that follow (part of Standard 2):
A. “Nurturing and sustaining a culture of collaboration, trust, learning, and high expectations”
D: “Supervise instruction.”
F: “Developing the instructional and leadership capacity of staff.”
There is also the New Jersey Statute in Title 18 ( 18A:27-3.1) which states the following “Evaluation of performance of nontenure teacher...Each evaluation shall be followed by a conference between that teaching staff and his or her superior or superiors. The purpose of this procedure is to recommend as to reemployment, identify any deficiencies, extend assistance for their correction and improve professional competence.” (New Jersey Statutes, 2009)
It is therefore imperative that the whole investigation is conducted at a

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