Evaluating Organizational Change : Healthcare System Practice Guidelines

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Evaluating Organizational Change Healthcare system practice guidelines are designed to support the decision-making process in-patient care, improved and maintain quality and consistency of care. The content of every guideline is based on a systematic review of clinical evidence, which also is the main source for evidence-based care. The movement towards evidence-based healthcare has been gaining ground quickly over the past few years, motivated by clinicians, politicians and management concerned about quality, consistency, and costs. “Clinical practice guidelines that are based on standardized best practice have been shown to be capable of supporting improvements in quality and consistency in healthcare” (Titler, 2015). Many have been developed, though the process is time and resource consuming, and many have been disseminated through difficult to use format of narrative text. As yet, clinical practice guidelines have not had a major impact on medical practice, but their importance is growing. The purpose of clinical practice guidelines is to describe appropriate care based on the best available scientific evidence and broad consensus and to reduce inappropriate variation within practice. Another key factor in guidelines is to provide a more rational basis for referral and a focus for continuing education. Within the clinical practice guidelines there is a noted promotion of efficient resources and focus for quality control and audit tools as well.…

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