Evaluating Educating Rita Essay

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Evaluating Educating Rita
Educating Rita tells a story of a 26-year-old married hairdresser, Rita, who decided to get education by taking a course in English literature from the Open University. Through the development of the relationship between Rita and her alcoholic and cynical tutor, Frank, this story brings up many concepts in adult development and education. After watching the movie, I have a further understanding of the concepts of changes, motivation to learn, freedom, and stability.
Rita is a woman who is longing for change. Change is an inevitable concept during adult development that is influenced by different factors, such as age, culture, and certain life events. Rita comes from a working class society and has been
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Becoming a knowledgeable and confident person is a strong motivation that enables Rita to endure the pressures from her family and even the distress from sacrificing her marriage. In application to my experience, the motivation that led me back to school is to support my family, give my children better lives, and establish my self-esteem in a new country. Although I had a hard time when I returned to school at middle age, my successful graduation and ability to find a job as an RN rewarded and motivated me for my further education in the BSN program.
Another concept that is emphasized by the end of the movie is “freedom.” Freedom means the ability to making choices for oneself. One scene in the bistro where Rita works demonstrated this concept. She told Frank that she likes to be with people like Mr. Tyson and other students because they are “not trapped.” In other words, Rita likes thinking with a liberated mind. Through her education, Rita has gained the power to be in charge of her own life freely. By educating herself, she is expanding her choices. She can choose what to do next, whether this means having a baby or taking vacations abroad. She becomes independent and confident. These are also the goals I want to reach through continuing my education. I will keep my mind open and liberated, practicing my critical thinking skill and becomimg independent

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