Essay on Evaluating Competency : Assessing Competency

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Assessing Competency In the scenario, a year ago on Feb. 4th, cops reacted to a reported shooting at the home of John and Jane Wilson, whose bodies were found leaning toward the house on the steps that go into the kitchen; with his wife 's head laying on his lap. ("Scenario", 2016) Witnesses expressed that they were going to Wilson 's home to visit and when they arrived, Edward Wilson their 25-year-old son told them to leave and that something happened; instructed them to call an ambulance. ("Scenario", 2016) Additional evidence from the crime scene indicated that Mrs. Wilson had been shot while, sitting on the passenger side of her vehicle was dragged by her feet; left lying close to her husband. Edward Wilson was arrested and charged with two counts of first degree murder; has a background of mental health treatment, with an IQ in the range of mental retardation. In addition, to that he conceded that at the time of the murders, he wasn’t taking his psychotropic pharmaceutical. ("Scenario", 2016) Edward Wilson public defender requested that the judge arrange a competency assessment because of his alleged crime and past conduct. ("Scenario", 2016) This essay will determine whether or not Edward is competent to stand trial after the judge decided he wasn 't able to stand trial. When Edward Wilson was 17 years old, he was admitted into the hospital after shooting himself in the mouth. Also, 2 years later at the age of 19, he apparently became engaged at the family…

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