Evaluating A Quality Improvement Team Essay examples

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Once Lauren starts assembling a quality improvement team, Lauren should choose team members who work between systems and across multiple disciplines within the rehabilitation practice. Lauren should choose a team champion, clinical leader, technical expert, day to day task leader, and a project sponsor for project contributing team members for her QI initiative. Lauren needs to start her quality improvement project by assigning a team champion. The team champion should be an individual who is committed to continuously improving the health care organizations processes, systems and guidelines. The team champion should show an interest for ongoing improvement initiatives and ongoing effective quality improvement processes. The clinical leader should be an individual that has the authority or clearance to implement and test processes within the organization. The clinical leader that Lauren chooses should also have the authority to solve any problems or issues that might arise during process implementation. The clinical leader should be an individual that is familiar with current processes and understands how changes to current processes might impact the business. The technical expert team member position should be filled with an individual that has great knowledge in the area and processes that Lauren is focused on changing. The technical expert must be highly skilled and knowledgeable in areas such as Quality Improvement Processes, HIT systems, and specific HIT systems…

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