Essay on Evaluate This Case Using the Three Elements.

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“Will Technology Save the Publishing Industry”

pg 104.

September 16, 2012

Case Study Questions

1. Evaluate the impact of the Internet on newspaper and book publishers using the value chain and competitive forces models.

The publishing industry has been hit hard by new market entrants and substitute products and services. Newspapers are the most troubled segment of the publishing industry because of the availability of alternatives and publishers’ inability to protect their content. Traditional print newspapers can’t match the ease of use and immediacy of online papers. It’s also much more expensive to print and distribute traditional newspapers adding to publishers’ overhead costs.

Many of the
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Publishing companies have strenuously objected, arguing that they need this information to successfully market and advertise their products. Apple says the rule protects the privacy of iPad owners.

While Apple’s policies may protect iPad owner privacy, they also work against publishers who need data and information about products to effectively continue developing products customers want. Apple’s policies also put too much power in one company’s hands and prohibit the free flow of products, data, and information.

Google, on the other hand, hopes to offer a more “open” model that allows readers to access books using any Web browser. Its advantage is that it is not tied down to any individual device. That gives an advantage to readers and to publishers who can access data and information and understand the marketplace better. The model also gives Google a much larger reach in the marketplace. And, instead of just e-reader users, Google’s target audience will be the 190 million monthly Internet users in the United States.

4. Will technology be able to save the newspaper and book publishing industries? Explain your answer.

Technology does hold the possibility of saving newspaper and book publishing industries, but only if those industries continue to change and modify their business models. Newspapers must continue to move away from print and more toward online content, changing the way they provide customers with information. They cannot continue to

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