Evaluate The Cost And Benefits Of Effective Market Orientation Case Study

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P2. Evaluate the cost and benefits of effective market orientation citing the example of how good customer satisfaction can help Enterprise Rent-a-car to build competitive advantage.
Market orientation is an organizational strategy that is dedicated to meet the needs of consumers. Every other product developments strategies revolve around this desire. A market oriented strategy has advantages in that please customers but can also have a huge development cost if spending are not controlled earlier.
Benefits of effective market orientation:
a) Faster response to demands
Effective market orientation reacts what the customers exactly need elimination of the guessing and forecasting that are associated with prediction of trends of products and consumer
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It has learned that customer loyalty was driven not only by the idea of customer satisfaction but customers were indeed completely satisfied and thus establish an effective market orientation. Because effective market orientation ensures customer satisfaction, customer satisfaction increases loyalty and loyalty leads to profit and growth. Benefits of higher customer service are_ P7. Explain how an organization could reposition their brand in current business environment.
Positioning is a marketing strategy that aims in making a brand to occupy a distinct position with a competitive advantage in the minds of the customer. Organizations apply this methodology either by emphasizing or distinguishing the features of the brand or they might try to create a suitable image through advertising. This is also known as product positioning. Positioning relating to strategy, in the tactical development steps of fulfilling an objective to achieve business goals like increasing sales volume, establishing brand recognition or reach in advertising.
Reasons for repositioning:
There are variety of reasons for brand repositioning. The most common reason is a reaction to change. That change could be_
• Environmentally
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Provision of customer service
An essential ingredient to any service provision is the use of appropriate staff and people. The company hire and train staffs that would represent them to the customers. And that is very important in building the customer relationship with the company. Because the behaviour and manners of dealing with customers through representatives, creates a perception in the minds of the customer about the organization.
2. Physical layout
Physical layout allows the customer to make judgements about the products and the organisation. A service can’t be experienced before it is delivered. This means that choosing to use a service can be a risky business because they are buying something intangible. This uncertainty can be reduced by helping customers to see what they are buying.
3. Processes
Refers to the system used to assist the organization to deliver the service. The process of giving a service the behaviour of those who deliver are crucial to customer satisfaction. Issues such as waiting times, the information given to customers and the helpfulness of staff are all vital to keep customers

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