Evaluate the contribution of a visitor attraction to the popularity and appeal of a destination or area

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D1 Evaluate the contribution of a visitor attraction to the popularity and appeal of a destination or area
In this report, I am going to evaluate the contribution of Bullring to the popularity and appeal of Birmingham and surrounding area.

The Bullring is a major shopping and leisure area, an important attraction of Birmingham, which located in city centre. It attracts many different types of visitors to the city and surrounding areas.

According to the Bullring fact sheets, with its £500 million transformation completed in 2003, this leading retail venue has transformed Birmingham and redefined it as a world class shopping destination. Housing one of only 4 Selfridges department stores, the fourth largest Debenhams, the
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In addition to the existing restaurants, this created a hub of 7 restaurants named Special Street (Picture 3.).

In addition, the Bullring is a large part of the Big City Plan. The scheme is a major development plan for Birmingham was launched on 29 September 2010. The success of tourism in Birmingham has been a boost of expansion and development of Birmingham and surrounding areas. The main purpose of the plan will be expanding the size of city core as well as develop Birmingham surrounding areas. The plan is still undergoing and Birmingham will be expecting improved over the next 20 years, the city centre population will grow providing more than 5000 homes and 50,000 new jobs.


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