Evaluate How the Nutritional Plan Might Improve the Health of the Chosen Individual.

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D2: Evaluate how the nutritional plan might improve the health of the chosen individual.
There were a number of the things about the individual’s diet that I noticed firstly she doesn’t like change as she is consistent with each food she eats which is not necessarily a bad but in order for her to have a balanced diet she needs to eat a variety of foods.
However the individual hardly ever ate breakfast which isn’t good for her as she will feel tiered throughout the day. In order to avoid that I gave her a breakfast that are high in fiber along with foods that she likes. The tables are both shown below:

After Before

Being without food during the night, our brain and muscles need energy and fuel to
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* Cycloartenol lowers the amount of cholesterol in free circulation and increases excretion of bile to mop up excess acidity and increase alkalinity of the food coming out of the stomach.
Olive Oil has been shown to have beneficial effects on virtually every aspect of body function, development and maintenance, including brain development, bone structure, digestion, aging process, the condition of skin and hair, metabolism, and on plaque formation in the blood vessels.

There were a number of foods that I introduced to the individuals diet in order to create a healthy balanced diet. Most importantly I added a range of foods and made the tweaked the previous foods the individual had also as you can see below from the before and after:

After Before

By making simple changes like white pasta and rice to brown pasta and rice, and instead of frying the chicken boiling it or using other methods as suggested.
Focusing on the lifestyle, there has been a number of changes they were the following: Days | Exercise | Sitting | Sleep | BMI | Monday | None | 7 hours | 9 hours | 18.2 | Tuesday | None | 7 hours | 13 hours | 18.2 | Wednesday | None | 7 hours | 9 hours | 18.2 | Thursday | None | 7 hours | 9 hours | 18.2 |

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