Evaluate How Effective Sand Play Was Essay

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Monitor how children use the prepared area and evaluate how effective it has been
Activity conducted 8th January 2013
When given the choice of seven activities all three of the children, aged two years old, went straight for the sandpit to draw letters in the sand with thick and long sticks. The children doing the activity love to draw by making shapes and different movements with a variety of implements, for example paint, colouring pencils or chalk, which is similar to writing in the sand in many different ways. This means spelling out the letters in the sand can be used as a way of stimulating interest in writing.
Whilst spelling letters in the sand pit the children were developing in many different ways. In terms of personal,
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High standards can be effective motivators.
Furthermore, by having too higher expectations can also cause problems for children. Highly competitive goals that feel impossible to achieve can cause children to procrastinate, give up, feel stressed, and show the same symptoms of anger, anxiety, and depression. Of course, that does not mean they are unable to achieve those expectations; it only means that they do not believe they can. They feel pressured, which is important to avoid.
However, the children involved in the sandpit activities expectations and achievements have been reached without putting pressure on them. All children that were involved worked at their own speed. The children were able to work together and respecting each other’s work. The children also explored the materials and tools and figured out by themselves what they could do with them. I feel it is important not to put the children under pressure so they are achieving what you want them to as it maybe too early for some children’s developmental rate, let them work at their own pace so they will achieve what they are able when they are able.
However, as I was planning all seven activities based on the children’s age and had used their learning journals, previous observations and evaluations and previous planning sheets and evaluations I was sure

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