Essay about Euthanasia

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Kraig Ekstein
Buck, Todd
RELU 110
October 27, 2013
Throughout the world there are many contemporary ethical issues pertaining different religions throughout the globe. These issues have been around for many years and are still quite debated in today’s society. One of the most controversial issues is wither euthanasia is right or wrong. Euthanasia is an ongoing topic in religions throughout the world and each carries their own personal beliefs on the topic. In order to understand how the different Abrahamic religious beliefs vary on this controversial topic it is important to understand euthanasia; and understand with all the developments in medical technologies, the true meaning of death has changed drastically over the
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The Christian religion believe in the sanctity of life starting at the moment of conception up until natural death. The Christianity religion has two groups Roman Catholicism, and Protestantism. The Roman Catholic beliefs are explained by Pavone, “No matter how ill a patient is, we never have a right to put that person to death. Rather, we have a duty to care for and preserve life.” The Roman Catholics believe that life is sacred and that death should be natural. Protestantism go both ways on this issue, many believe that no one in this world can play God, meaning they have no right to decide when human life should be limited. Others believe in the well know humanist Joseph Fletchers views on this topic. Fletcher’s views are explained by Goring: 1. Suffering and pain are purposeless, demoralizing, and degrading.
2. Human personality and dignity are of greater value than life itself.
3. Jesus statement in the Sermon on the Mount, “Blessed are the merciful,” is just as important as “Thou shalt not kill.”
Protestantism views differ within their religion, some believe in the tradition Christian way and other believe in that euthanasia may be the more human way of letting a person pass. Lastly along with Judaism and Christianity there is the Islamic views on this contemporary issue. In the Islamic religion they believe that Allah is the creator as well as the determiner of life and death. Young exclaims, “The clear

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