Euthanasia Should Be Condemn And Banned All Over The World Essay

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The though death frightens and fills us with fear and consternation; however, death is an inevitable process in which every human being has to go through sooner or later. Euthanasia also known as “good death” is the termination of life of a person suffering a painful or a terminal disease and, has been around since the early sixteen century. Voluntary and involuntary are two main classifications for euthanasia. As a nursing student, euthanasia should be condemn and banned all over the world. Euthanasia impact and affects us socially, morally and politically.
There are many arguments about euthanasia, but from the social point of view people see doctors as healers, and they will do everything possible to save their patient’s lives. The case of Karen Ann Quinlan, had a great impact in Americans’ in 1976. The twenty one year old women, was in persistent vegetative state after consuming a mixture of drugs and alcohol. Karen’s parents after much pain and agonizing months decided to disconnect her daughter from an artificial respirator. However, the hospital refused to disconnect her because it was against their medical ethics. Her parents then went to court asking to disconnect their daughter, but the judge ruled against them. Ironically, a few months later Karen was transferred to a nursing home where she was disconnected, but to everyone’s surprise she became able to breathe on her own. She died a decade later of pneumonia in June 13, 1986. A life should not be deprive…

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