Euthanasia Paper

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Is it moral?

The term euthanasia comes from ancient Greek and it means “easy death” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). Compared to the ancient times in which this word originated, it seems much harder in today’s society to achieve this epitome of a good death. In the ancient times, people died due to diseases that doctors could not cure, and their lives were ended earlier because it was considered cruel to watch a person die a slow and painful death. Today, thanks to the great advancement of technology, more and more diseases are becoming easier to cure and create a better living environment for the person affected. However, there are still many patients who have incurable diseases and disorders that disallow them to have a
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This is where one would start to see parallels between the abortion issue and euthanasia. The government should not have the right to tell people what they can and cannot do with their bodies. One key part about American history is that it is known for being the land of the free. If American citizens allow the government to slowly but surely twine their fingers into their independent lifestyles and choices, then would America not turn into a dictatorship with democratic stripes? The government should allow euthanasia to be a choice for any American citizen. However, they do need to regulate it because the process would be abused badly if they didn’t. By requiring the patients who are candidates to have a mental examination by a psychiatrist as well as several examinations by several different doctors, ensuring that the patient does not have a mental handicap and there is no other method to cure them, the government would be able to cut down drastically on the exploitation of the system. The government would also have to finance a routine inspection to be done, preferably at random, of each hospital that performs euthanasia to ensure that families of patients, who have no written living wills or have specifically asked that they not be taken off of life support, are not committing involuntary euthanasia (“”).
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