Euthanasia Or Mercy Killing? Essay

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Euthanasia or mercy killing as some may call it, has always been a controversial topic. The word euthanasia is derived from the Greek word eu meaning ‘good’ and thana meaning ‘death’ and the most commonly used definition is a ‘gentle and easy death’ (Draper & Slowther, 2008, p.113).The right to die from a painful incurable disease and the right to kill to alleviate that person’s suffering have always caused a major ethical dilemma throughout our society. Despite the considerable advancement in our medical knowledge and tools, euthanasia still proves to be a morally distressing subject to address. Some have argued that it should be legalized, to be accepted as an alternative for providing a person a dignified death, but many as well recognize this act as sinful and an act of murder. Therefore, it is safe to say that moral and ethical implications of euthanasia vary greatly to the people who are directly and significantly affected by the procedure, especially the patient, and must be respected. More’s idea of euthanasia proved to be significant during his time despite the limitations found in his work as it is relevant today.
The Utopian approach to palliative care according to Sir Thomas More is very different from the approach taken today. In the event that a Utopian suffers of excruciating illness, a government official and a priest attempts to convince the patient to acknowledge that they will no longer be able to live a fulfilling life, that they are a nuisance to society…

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