Euthanasia Is Right Or Wrong? Essay

814 Words Nov 15th, 2015 4 Pages
Almost every person on this earth has a heard of the term euthanasia to some degree. Even though there are many different forms of euthanasia the most common is when a person askes to be killed in a painless manor most times because of an untreatable illness. For most people there decision on whether it’s right or wrong have to do with their own morals or religion. In this paper I will be taking a stand on whether or not I feel euthanasia is right, while also showing how ethics places a part in it. Out of the many different theories such as Virtue Ethics, Natural Law Theory, Utilitarianism, or Deontological Ethical Theory ext. I feel that the utilitarianism theory and consequentialism would best explain euthanasia from ethical stand point. Utilitarianism is a moral action that maximizes utility and consequentialism is when person’s actions are only defined as moral if the end result is good. In this paper I will present euthanasia from both sides, those who agree with it and oppose it, while also presenting my own opinion. The reason I feel that utilitarianism and euthanasia intertwine is because utilitarianism involves actions that benefit society. If anyone has been asked to commit euthanasia the one question they have is whether it is right or wrong? To fully find out whether it is right or wrong you must first understand the different forms of euthanasia. There is no defined answer to this question. When looking at it thruw the eyes of the utilitarianism theory most…

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