Euthanasia Is Morally Correct Or Not? Essay

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In recent discussions of physician assisted suicide, or euthanasia, a controversial issue has been whether euthanasia is morally correct or not. On one hand, some argue that God believes that suicide and “dying before your time” is the ultimate sin, one that someone cannot repent from. On the other hand, however, others argue dying should be a personal choice and that one should have control over their own death. In summary, the issue is whether euthanasia should be a choice for the everyday person when they want. While some people believe that physician assisted suicide is morally incorrect and against God’s word, death is a choice and should be up to the individual for their leisure, if needed.
During Middle Ages Christians and Jews tend to oppose euthanasia. Since ancient times, Jewish and Christian thinkers have opposed suicide as inconsistent with the human good and with responsibilities to God. For over 700 years, the Anglo American common law tradition has punished or otherwise disapproved of both suicide and assisting suicide. For the most part, the early American colonies adopted the common law approach. Samuel Williams, a physician, began to advocate the use of drugs not only to terminal pain, but to intentionally end a patient 's life. During the late 1800s, Williams ' euthanasia proposal received serious attention in the medical journals and at scientific meetings. Still, most physicians held the view that pain medication could be administered to relieve pain,…

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