Euthanasia Is Killing A Person Out Of Kindness Essay example

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Euthanasia is a topic that is commonly associated with several negative ideas. However, philosopher and scholar R.M. Dworkin defines euthanasia as “killing a person out of kindness”
(Life’s Dominion, p.3). So how can an idea with such negative assumptions be defined as kind?
The reason euthanasia is seen as king to some people, is because euthanasia is putting an end to a persons suffering. Simply put, it is important that every terminally ill patient at least has the choice of how and when they could end their life. Although euthanasia is thought to be immoral, removing the option from terminally ill individuals prevents one from making his/her own decision on their own lives. By becoming better educated on the subject and sympathizing with those that are terminally ill, the law could have a chance at being changed.
In most states, when a person receives their drivers licenses, they are asked if they would like to be an organ donor, because of course, it would be inconsiderate and immoral if someone did something with someone’s body against their wishes, such as removing organs, even if it is for a beneficial and benevolent reason like saving another persons life with those organs.
However, why is this idea feasible, but the idea of autonomy with one’s body while alive, is not?
For some reason, the idea of having the choice of what one wants to do with one’s own body as one becomes terminally ill or has such severe mental illness be treated properly is ludicrous.

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