Euthanasia Is A Human Right Essay

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Thousands of people living today aren’t exactly “living” they are either terminally ill or suffering in misery. There is a way to end their suffering, however, and it is known physician-assisted suicide or in medical terms, Euthanasia. Some people believe that these sick patients deserve the right to decide when to end their lives since they are not living to the fullest while others say that it disturbs the religious values of God. Sometimes religion just needs to be held out of medical procedures such as these in order to end the suffering of ill people. Euthanasia should be considered a human right. No one other than yourself or your family should be able to decide whether you live a life filled with suffering or end your life peacefully. Euthanasia is known as assisted suicide, doctor-assisted dying, or commonly seen as ‘mercy killing’. Mercy killing would be the ending a life to relieve unmanageable suffering. The English medical word "euthanasia" comes from “..the Greek word eu meaning ‘good,’ and the Greek word thanatos meaning ‘death’."Whereas voluntary euthanasia would mean, there is clear consent. There are different ways to go about the idea of euthanasia. One is passive euthanasia, which is when the patient 's medications and life-sustaining treatments are taken away. Such as a breathing tube or heart medications. Active euthanasia is the type when lethal substances are used to end the patient’s life. Although both are looked at as wrong or murderous, it is, in…

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