Euthanasia As A Person 's Life With Their Consent Essay

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Janene Carey’s mother was battling a terminal illness that had spread through her whole body. Janene took care of her mother as she slowly deteriorated at the hands of cancer. As time went on the cancer got more aggressive and eventually her mother was unable to talk, eat on her own, walk, and was bedridden (Northern Daily Leader, 2014). This is not a life; this is patiently waiting for the inevitable to happen, all while a person slowly loses themselves. Unfortunately, the terminally ill are forced to live their lives out no matter how long this painful process may take. It is for this reason, that it is important for society to consider the quality of a person’s life and therefore allow them to choose euthanasia as a way to die as the person they are, not the person that they will become over the course of their illness. Euthanasia refers to the ending of a person’s life with their consent. This choice is often considered in patients who are diagnosed with illnesses that medical interventions will not be able to cure, but rather only prolong one’s life by treating the pain. It is imperative that we legalize euthanasia as a medical practice that allows medical professionals to help grant their patient 's last wishes. There are two types of euthanasia, the first of which is active euthanasia. This is the process in which a person gives their consent to end their life. Medical professionals attending to their patients would provide the patient with either a lethal dose of…

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