Euthanasia And Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal Essay

1401 Words Nov 26th, 2016 6 Pages
On June 17 2016 Canada’s Supreme Court passed Bill C-14, which made physician assisted dying legal. Thus meaning that those wanting to commit suicide can legally obtain the help of a physician to ensure the process is done safely and properly. It is important to note the difference between euthanasia and assisted suicide. In assisted suicide the person wanting to die commits the act themselves but a physician is allowed to provide knowledge, means or both to ensure the process is done successfully. This law in Canada only applies to those who are terminally ill, where natural death is highly likely in the future. Legally, if you suffer from a mental illness you do not fall under this category. However, I believe that those with severe mental health issues should also be eligible under Bill C-14. Assisted suicide should be legal for those suffering with a mental illness because mental and physical illnesses should not be viewed as dissimilar, also it will ease the grieving process for friends and family as mental illness is one of the most common causes of suicide. Lastly, people with mental illnesses will continue to commit suicide on their own, providing the option for legal assisted suicide will ensure the act is done safely. The Netherlands has a similar law that does include those suffering from a mental illness, I believe Canada should follow this lead because in my opinion we are a progressive country. Justine Dembo claims there is a major disconnect between…

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