Difference Between Passive And Passive Euthanasia

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Euthanasia: Is it a burden, or not?
Now a day, people seem to have this fact confused. By the time when people reached the age of an adult, they are responsible for their own lives, not others. It is understandable that someone elderly might be suffering from some type of horrendous disease or something that might cripple them for life. However, those who are young, it is absurd to ask someone to help commit suicide. People try to justify the act by explaining the so called “differences” between the two different Euthanasia, Passive Euthanasia and Active Euthanasia. Or how many professionals approved and encourage the use of Euthanasia. Nevertheless they have failed to include the fact that not everyone in the medical field supports the act of killing a patent, which is mainly the majority. Life is a precious, fragile little thing, therefore the belief of choosing where, when, and how to die is a freedom that everyone should have. Using Euthanasia, however, is a different story. Asking someone else to help commit the suicide is a burden that they shouldn’t shoulder.
First of all, there is no difference between Passive and Active Euthanasia. According to Weylers, Passive Euthanasia is when the
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Like those who are terminally ill or those rather face death than to live as a vegetable. However, Euthanasia is not a quick and/or convenient way to end one’s life problem. There are no differences between Passive Active Euthanasia. Or how many professionals approve the act, they shouldn’t even shoulder the burden and pressure of killing someone. The responsibility of living their life belongs to the rightful ownership of whomever. It is up to them to decide how to live, and how to end their lives. Choosing where, when, and how to die is a gift, not a given right. Don’t let a stranger’s hand to make the

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