Euthanasi The Muslim Religion And The Dutch Government Essays

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Lastly, euthanasia is an issue where the Muslim religion and the Dutch government take polarising positions. In Islam, life is considered to be sacred and the length of anyone’s life is something that is to be decided on by Allah only ("Islam and Medical Ethics."). In fact, the Quran explicitly states that suicide and euthanasia are forbidden ("Islam and Medical Ethics."). Contrastingly, the Dutch have not only extended the right to choose to use euthanasia to sick and dying patients, but also to people who simply believe their life has been completed (Schadenberg). This is an interesting issue that represents the contrast in Dutch and Muslim thought. The Dutch believe themselves to be in control of the fate of their own lives whereas Muslims leave the fate of their lives in the hands of Allah.
These three examples are not exhaustive. They touch the surface regarding the fundamental differences between Dutch culture and Muslim culture. When analyzed, it is clear that the disparities between the two run deep into the basis of both culture’s philosophies. Consequently, the tension between Muslims and the Dutch is worsened because the two parties have too many disagreements over such important issues.
This issue is not only present in the Netherlands, but in much of the Western world. Comparing the issue to the relationship between Muslims and Americans, there are some key differences and similarities present. Firstly, the Americans are not as anti-religion as the Dutch are, as…

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