Euthanasi The Morality Of Euthanasia Essay examples

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The question of the morality of euthanasia is one of great interest to me. The article by Al-Alosi calls for legislators to discuss the topic of euthanasia in Australia and the UK. My grandfather was diagnosed with terminal kidney cancer when I was a young child. He was able to live a normal life for about a year before being admitted to a hospital. He would then be admitted shortly after to a hospice where he voluntarily undertook terminal dehydration. This voluntary foregoing of food and water took about two weeks. Those two weeks were very difficult emotionally for my family and I cannot help but think that physician assisted suicide or Euthanasia could have helped to prevent much suffering both for my grandfather and my family. The question morally is if it is alright to end the life of a patient and under what circumstances if at all. I support the use of euthanasia as a way to perform mercy killings for those that are in extreme pain and face significant loss of dignity. Euthanasia is a highly debated topic in modern society and tends to be boiled down to an issue with morality (Al-Alosi). Euthanasia is currently only legal in a small number of states in the United States and illegal or a civil crime in most cases in countries such as the UK. The article by Al-Alosi states reasons why past legislation attempts to legalize euthanasia has failed in Australia and society’s response. One of those reasons is that doctors will hurt patients. One of the major arguments…

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