Essay on Euthanasi The Issue Of Euthanasia

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Legalizing Euthanasia
Although Euthanasia is a controversial topic commonly debated over the Medical ethics and Religious viewpoints, it should become a national legal method to bring peace to patients. However, many factors still contribute to the future of euthanasia as it holds many issues that influence social, moral, and religious ideas. The nature of the death itself is an area of large controversy. Euthanasia can be seen as voluntary suicide or as involuntary murder. These disputes all involve death, causing many varying opinions and ideals. Euthanasia serves as a moral method for enabling terminally ill patients the right to die, with an ability to end suffering and incurable pain.
Euthanasia is an area of large controversy as it relates to social, moral, and religious ideas. However euthanasia has been discussed more frequently within political standpoints, yet with no clear outcome the final decision concerning national use. (“American Medical Association, Euthanasia 7).Because the opinions of Euthanasia are so varied, law makers and members of congress have split views. Additionally, with both positive and negative results from the legal stand point of assisted suicide, many negative related responses have occurred. This has also sparked much difference in the ideas of medical ethics, religious conducts and public views.
As the current legal states that do allow the use of Legal Physician-Assisted Suicide, all hold similar laws in the regulation of medical laws…

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