Euthanasi The Ethical Argument And The Principled Argument Essay example

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Should people embrace euthanasia as one of the methods of inducing one to a “merciful death?” There are several reasons why people would argue for and against euthanasia. The process of inducing somebody to death can seem unimaginable but it is emerging as one of the most preferred mode for death particularly for patients with terminal illnesses and whose chances of survival are very low. Terminal illnesses take a great toll on the health of a person, and this presents with signs such as hopelessness and despair about getting back to normal and brisk health. Therefore, there is need to argue why it is justified to have people get induce to death when their quality of life deteriorates. This article presents the argument of why it is justified for patients who have terminal illnesses to end their life.
There are two major arguments to the issue of euthanasia; the ethical argument and the pragmatic argument. In the ethical argument, people should have freedom of choice, including the right to control their bodies and life on condition that they do not abuse any other person’s rights (Vizcarrondo, 2013). Therefore, the state should not create laws that deter people to choose when and how they are supposed to die. The argument further states that everyone has a right to choose when and how they are supposed to die. This is because terminal illness can bring about deterioration of the “quality of life” which is an important aspect of this argument. Even though this is refuted by…

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