Euthanasi The Death Of Euthanasia Essay example

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While growing up, I have been curious about the topic of euthanasia. My curiosity began shortly after the death of my beloved poodle, Mugsy. On one summer day near my family’s garden, he was found lying motionless and unresponsive. Following the veterinarian’s close examination, he was diagnosed with an incurable heat stroke. With very few options left, the veterinarian asked my family the life or death question: “Should Mugsy be euthanized?” After much thought, we decided to pull the plugs, euthanizing him. Mugsy’s euthanasia served as the beginning of my motivation to research the topic. Compared to the many possible causes of death, euthanasia may be considered to be the tenderest. Typically, when a person or animal is euthanized, a lethal dose of drugs is injected into them while they sleep. Although it may be considered murder or assisted suicide, euthanization has never granted any form of pain or suffering to the recipient. The only pain and suffering that may come from euthanasia are from loved ones, grieving the loss of the euthanized patient. However, their perceived loss may have been a victory after all, as the person they love is no longer afflicted. Death does not always have a negative connotation. When many think of death, they think of an inevitable and unfortunate occurrence. A possible depiction could be of a convicted murderer walking to an electric chair, nervously eyeing the executioner who will end his/her life. However, for euthanized people,…

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