Euthanasi Terminally Ill Patients Essay

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Terminally ill patients suffer agonizing pain. They are denied the right to die, and although euthanasia is controversial and considered unethical, instead of physicians denying them the right to die they should seek alternatives to alleviate thier patients suffering. Often times conflicts arise between physicians, patients and family members about what constitutes appropriate care for terminally ill patients. Issues around euthanasia consist of what is morally acceptable; the right thing to do. Is it unethical to choose euthansiana as a means to end one’s life due to suffering? Although some may disagree, terminally ill patients should be able to choose an earlier and less painful death, as there is no purpose in keepig them live to suffer needlessly. When evaluating euthanasia as a means to end a terminally ill patient’s life, utilitarianism assumes that it is possible to compare the intrinsic values produced by two different actions and evaluates which would have a better consequence. The core principle associated with utlitiarian theory is that it defines morality in terms of the maximization of net expectable utility for all parties affected by a decision or action, demanding a moral position that asks us to put aside our self-interest for the sake of another. Haines suggests, “that to be moral is to do one’s rational best to do what is objectively right. Second, more concretely, to be moral is to care about people” (Haines, n.d.). The moral behavior encompassed…

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