Essay on Euthanasi Not Assisted Suicide Just Murder?

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When most people hear assisted suicide, the first question that comes up is “Is not assisted suicide just murder?” The majority of people agree it is homicide; even doctors as “[t]rained as they are to preserve life, most doctors are troubled by the thought of helping patients end their lives” (Worsnop). The law has determined that active euthanasia is murder “[s]ince it is tantamount to homicide, [it] is illegal in every state” (Worsnop) but pro-euthanasia groups declare a change needs to be made. Passive euthanasia is legal but it too is murder. If life support is turned off on patients that have no say in the matter, it should also count as organized murder. The only differences between the active and passive form of euthanasia is passive euthanasia is legal and active euthanasia consists of someone making an active decision to die.
Despite common belief, euthanasia is only acceptable under certain circumstances. The misconception is anyone for any reason can request to be euthanized, but pro-euthanasia activists declare “a person who is suffering from painful or terminal illness has the right to medical help in cutting life short” (Worsnop). This clarifies that euthanasia is unavailable to those with treatable mental illnesses such as depression.
A concern the public has with the legalization of euthanasia is elders “despairing of a serious illness or injury, they may lapse into a deep depression and begin to entertain notions of suicide” (Worsnop); however, people…

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