Euthanasi Is It Murder Or Mercy Killing? Essay

951 Words Apr 17th, 2016 4 Pages
The debate about the use of Euthanasia to intentionally end life remains controversial. Also known as “mercy killing”, the practice of euthanasia has been debated extensively over the past centuries. Due to the fact that one is highly influenced by their moral values and world beliefs, the discussion has evoked a feeling of uncomfortableness and mixed emotions throughout many different cultures. Sparking both an ethical, emotional, political and religious discussion. This paper will discuss the ethical debate between both active/inactive and voluntary/involuntary euthanasia. I will also argue of views both supporters of euthanasia and those who oppose euthanasia from ethical, legal perspective and furthermore why I see euthanasia as an ethical practice.
Is it murder or mercy killing? One might see it as unethical or morally wrong as it is intentionally taking the life of a human being. Others who support this practice, as see it as ethical while still respecting the wishes of their loved one. Their attitudes, beliefs, and values will play a part in how they view euthanasia. That is to say, euthanasia is composed of an ideological system. It is tied into a world view or system of beliefs, therefore, everything we believe is conditioned by our own ideology about the rest of the world. Whether it be moral, ethical, legal, religious, or political affiliated views, one affirms to the idea of right or wrong based on these principles. An individual might ask questions similar to:…

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