Essay on Euthanasi A Natural Law Theorist

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Euthanasia is the act of putting someone to rest by killing that is very sick or injured in order to prevent any more suffering. Euthanasia includes passive and active, passive is also known as letting a patient die not helping, or not doing anything necessary to keep the patient alive. Active euthanasia is also known as deliberately killing, and ending patients suffering. Jay Williams, who is a Natural Law theorist, argues that euthanasia is not permissible because it is intentional killing, and goes against the natural law because it violates preserving life. Jay Williams defines euthanasia as “intentionally taking the life of a person who is believed to be suffering from some illness or injury from which recovery cannot reasonably be expected (593).”
Williams defines the differences between the intentional and deliberate killing, he also gives us an example “If a hopeless person is given an injection of the wrong drug by mistake and this causes, his death, this is wrongful killing but not euthanasia (594).” Similarly Williams gives us another example which he defines as being nor wrongful killing or euthanasia, “If a person is given an injection of a drug that is believed to be necessary to treat his disease or better his condition and the person dies as a result, then this is neither wrongful killing nor euthanasia (594).” If a person is in the same situation or same condition that medical procedures or treatments that will save their life, a failure to help or…

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