Euthanasi A Good Death Essay

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Euthanasia is defined in numerous ways in current literature. However the oldest definition given for euthanasia derives from the Greek words which are ‘Eu and Thanatos’ meaning ‘a good death’ In current literature Euthanasia is also referred to as ‘Mercy killing’ (Devakirubai & Gnanadurai, 2014). Another literature describes Euthanasia as the deliberate bringing about of the passing of a patient by act or oversight in the setting of medical care (Keown, 2005).
A patient who requests death due to suffering or pain and is willing to or gives consents to being euthanased is a voluntary patient (Fenigsen, 2012). Non voluntary euthanasia is causing death of a person who is incapable of granting consent (Paterson, 2008) and involuntary euthanasia is causing death of a person who objects to grant consent (Darr, 2007)
Act of Euthanasia can also be categorized into to active and passive Euthanasia. Active Euthanasia is sub categorized into direct and indirect active. Active direct euthanasia is an action taken directly to cause death, in order to protect patient from further suffering from the disease. Indirect euthanasia is when acceleration of death is a parallel outcome of the taken action in order to reduce patients suffering. Patient’s death is not an intended or desired in indirect euthanasia whereas main objective of direct euthanasia is death (Raposo, 2014). Passive euthanasia is omission of treatment that might have saved the patient’s life, resulting in death (Fry, Veatch,…

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