Euthanasi A Debate About Euthanasia Essay

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Euthanasia is a topic that people can get into a heated debate about. Euthanasia in Greek means good death, in other word mercy killing. So when you ask if euthanasia is ethical or not, it becomes tricky. James Rachels’ and many other people believe that the doctor should respect the patient’s wishes and let them be euthanized if they have a terminally ill disease. Others would think it is completely wrong to kill people even if they have a disease; a doctor should never help kill a patient. I personally believe that doctors should morally permit euthanasia. Obviously, there should be regulations on when euthanasia is permitted or not. While I agree with Rachels’ position on euthanasia, I don’t think he gives a very good argument. James Rachels’ is an excellent persuasive writer but there are some flaws within his article that don’t necessarily support his claim. James interprets the AMA statement as differentiating between active and passive euthanasia. The AMA statement says, “The intentional termination of the life of one human being by another – mercy killing – is contrary to that for which the medical profession stand and is contrary to the policy of the American Medical Association. The cessation of the employment of extraordinary means to prolong the life of the body when there is irrefutable evidence that biological death is imminent is the decision of the patient and/ or his immediate family. The advice and judgment of the physician should be freely available to…

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