Euthanasi A Controversial Topic Essay examples

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Euthanasia, a physician assisted suicide, has become a controversial topic in the United States in relatively recent years. The debate on whether someone should have the ability, in special cases, to have their life ended has resulted in many court cases, meetings, and votes. Although euthanasia is illegal in the majority of the United States, this has not stopped suffering patients from crying out for help; therefore, a literal call for death. The act of forcing someone to live every day with an almost unbearable amount of pain needs to be a heinous crime against humanity. In certain cases, human beings should be able to decide when they have had enough and should be eligible for euthanasia in the United States. One of the conditions that a patient must fall under to be eligible for euthanasia is a diagnoses of a terminal disease. Patients with a terminal illness face many complications in their everyday lives. Additionally, these human beings are sometimes forced to watch themselves waste away until they are a literal shell of their former selves. While interviewing a group of physicians, Drs. Guy and Stern stated “the most frequently mentioned reasons for requesting physician-assisted suicide were a decreasing ability to participate in pleasurable activities, the loss of dignity, and the loss of autonomy.” A social experiment was conducted by a research group who wanted to study the depression rates in terminally ill patients. This experiment was known as the Beck…

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