Euthanasi A Controversial Issue Essay

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Euthanasia is the practice of ending an individual 's life in order to relieve them from an incurable disease or unbearable suffering. The term euthanasia is derived from the Greek word for "good death" and originally referred to as “intentional killing” ( Patelarou, Vardavas, Fioraki, Alegakis, Dafermou, & Ntzilepi, 2009). Euthanasia is a controversial topic which has raised a great deal of debate globally. Although euthanasia has received great exposure in the professional media, there are some sticky points that lack clarity and need to be addressed. Euthanasia is a divisive topic, and different interpretations of its meaning, depend on whether the person supports it or not. While a few societies have accepted euthanasia, there are many societies and social groups which are against its practice. The Judea Christian 's view euthanasia as morally wrong, ethically repulsive and a violation of God 's gift of life
Euthanasia is a controversial issue. Many people believe that doctors should not prescribe any medication that ends a person’s life since it is considered to be against the Hippocratic Oath. The Hippocratic Oath states that doctors are professionally obliged to save lives. Some consider euthanasia to be immoral and others say that it is murder. Euthanasia should be legalized because it provides a way to relieve pain, brings relief to a person when their quality of life is low, relieves economic burden, and is simply a personal choice.
Euthanasia is referred to as…

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