Europeans vs Native Americans Essay example

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Compare and contrast the European culture of the English and the French with the Cultures of the Native Americans in the New World.

The conquest of American territory and its subsequent exploitation by Europeans caused a breakdown and destruction of existing native cultures on the continent. American lands were take systematically by whites who were founded their towns and cities on behalf of European Kings.
When Europeans explorers landed on the north side of the American continent they found only natives inhabiting the place, from this connection to European continent United States became a colony of England. Initially they settled the eastern part of the country, which is the coastline
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There have been many conflicts for environmental resources. American Indians believed no person could own land, they believed that anyone could use it. It was like trying to own the air or the clouds. They lived within nature, living very well without working very hard. They were able to understand the land and the environment needs. They never tried to change the land. They would farm in an area for a few years and then move on permitting the land to become wild again. The Native Americans saw the colonists chopping forests to build houses and clearing the land for cultivation. They built fences to keep people and animals out and also demanded that the Indians stay off their lands. With new technologies brought from the “old world” the new culture could manipulate the environment to a more advanced model than the indigenous culture.
They also had weapon that could control the Indians. Colonists purchased or captured Native Americans to be used as forced labor as well. On the other side Native Americans groups often enslaved “war captives” whom they primarily used for small scale labor. Some however were used for ritual sacrifice. There is no evidence that Native Americans considered their slaves racially inferior, for them they were just considered casualties of war.
Religious differences was also a conflict between Native Americans and Europeans. The new settlers believed that they could not trust the

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