Essay on Europeans First Contact With The First Nations

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Europeans First Contact with the First Nations
The First Nations people of Canada are a part of a larger group of people that are now known as the Aboriginal people of Canada. The Aboriginals are the first inhabitants known to exist in Canada. The Aboriginals also include the Metis and the Inuit (“Who Are”). It is assumed that the First Nations have been in Canada for at least 12,000 years. Today, the people of the First Nations tribe have a population of more than 850,000 people. The First Nations is a community made up of Aboriginal people who like to identify as distinct cultural groups that are the descendants of the original inhabitants of Canada. The Canadian tribe of the First Nations consider themselves as an independent sovereign nation (“Who Are”). The tribe had a very successful self-government and accepted the supremacy of the tribes around them (Goldi, “First”). The people in the First Nations tribe were natural when it came to trading due to their well-established trading patterns with North America (Goldi, “Contact”).
The First Nations were different for the Europeans in the fact that did not utilize metal. They instead used many natural resources they had access to (“We Are Canadians”). Archaeologists have discovered indications of very early trade of things such as pottery, silver, and copper tools (Goldi, “Contact”). Often, the First Nations tribe would retrieve water, hunt, and build things naturally. Stories, culture, and tradition are all very important…

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