Europeans And The Columbian Exchange Essay

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Europeans saw a great need to improve their economy. This called for ways to get their products and services outside of their local area. Globalization was the key to improving the economy. Globalization is the process which allows an entwining of people and economies in the world. It began in the 15th century but still is present today. This wasn’t an easy task given the modes of transportation, culture differences, and language barrier. In the mid-15th century, Europe began to expand and launch out into different territories globally. The Eastern hemisphere knew very little about the Western hemisphere and vice versa. Europe was entering what is called the “Age of Discovery which is a period from the 15th to 18th century and involves overseas exploration and globalization. This exploration led to an increase in communication between the old world which included Europe and the new world which included the Americas. As a result of this, the Columbian exchange was produced. In the Columbian exchange there are a transfer of plant, animals, food, including slavery, and exchange of cultural norms and values. A disadvantage of this exchange was the introduction of communicable diseases. This led to global mapping of the world, a new world view but also led to a decline in population due to disease. Christianity also expanded during this time and became one of the world’s largest religions. Sea travel and exploration greatly enhanced global expansion. Although Europeans were…

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