European Union Advantages And Disadvantages Essay

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Through the research, the welfare of European Union not only have the advantageous, but also have the disadvantageous. From the research, I find some tables to support my points about the high welfare give a heavy tax for the government to stop the development of government and some citizen become lazy and do not want to have a positive life. They become more and more idle because the high welfare-they do not have to work and they can get the cash from the government. This increase the percent of the unemployment rate of European union. People will not make a contribution to their life. The welfare system of European union is a form about the revenue of citizen redistribution, also a method for the national monopoly capitalism to intervene …show more content…
It is better than the people have the normal job before. Some young people regard the unemployment as a job because of the dole, they are very happy enjoy this policy.
So, according to these opinion, Social welfare expense is an important consist of the government expense. The high tax revenue including progressive increase of individual income tax and increase of VAT.
Under this high progressive taxation, the brain drain of European countries hampers the development and utilization of the labor resource.
The welfare of European union is good for the Europe citizens to some extent. But with the development of Europe welfare, the challenges of European government are beyond calculation. So this give an opinion to social that more and more people have a much dependence on the situation about if they do not have to work or they do not have a work, they can have a basic life the same as before life, even they think that if they do not have a work, the life is better than before. This extra-egoism has a great effect on the young people. So the unemployment rate is rise sharply.
4. The heavy financial pressure of the

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