European Slave Trade Essay

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The European Slave Trade
Ge’Michaeh Smith
Central High School
November 9, 2015
2nd period Abstract: The European Slave Trade was an important concept in the 1400s to the 1500s. Many people thought slavery was harsh. Slave Trade will show you how it got better. It will also tell you how it took place across the Atlantic Ocean.
The European Slave Trade This paper I am presenting to you will tell you all about slavery upon its trade. It will tell you how if affected everyday life. The economic on producing their crops and making goods. How the African slave trade was shipped across the Atlantic Ocean. How several got established on the African Coast and sold their things across the world. During the period of
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There was 10 Africans but 8 were forced into the slave trade. The enslaved Africans were brought to British North America. The Africans that was carried to Brazil was very overwhelmingly so to Angola. Over 90 percent of enslaved Africans were executed to Caribbean and South America. The American plantation became overwhelming by West Indies. Slave trade was held on large units. The plantations were held 150 or more slaves could be held. The U.S slaves were generation moved from Africa and the Caribbean. The rate of slave’s death was so high and the rate of birth became low. Slaves barely could keep their population. It was not only violet but also made many more death came along. The kidnapping of slaves occurred in Senegal to Angola and stretched beyond. The colonies of British carried their British ships and merchants. Many Europeans sent manufactured items like alcohol, textiles and guns to Africa to get different things for Africa captives. The Africa labor went bought manufactured goods for their slaves. The manufactured goods were used to make luxury items an other high price things. The Europeans was different from the Arab and they did not well behave themselves. The Europeans exchanged things like cloth, rum abs other types of goods. The Portuguese went and built the first fort in …show more content…
The commercial had become an impact upon the abolition. A slave was taken from the region due to their owners to get potential wealth. The thing that was discovered on Africa was priceless supplies of many raw materials. There were plantation owners who had their own labor that used it to grow their own individual crops. The factories that were in Britain had owners that made a lot of profits and money that was made by ship owners that came and did never leave. Slaves soon built industrial plants to help refine the raw sugar. Slaves had then begun to have bankers that financed and houses grew richer from the fees they began to get. Many slaves had begun to have jobs and work in factories as they worked in factories they began to sell their goods to the part of West Africa. The goods that were brought across were then traded for enslaved Africans. Many slaves that traded had then bought a share that was in there slave ship. The slave trade had made many goods like sugar that became more priceless for the people that had lives in Britain. The European Slave Trade that was outside of Africa had quickly expanded. There were large numbers and high price of Africans and money. Slaves in the New World made many difficulties due to their

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