Essay on European Powers Of The World

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Imperialism can be defined as the extension of a nation’s power over other lands. European countries desperately wanted to take over colonies in Africa since it provided them with a lot of benefits. Great Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Portugal all placed almost all regions of Africa under their rule (Spielvogel and McTighe 231). European powers were iFn constant rivalries because each of them wanted the continent to their advantage. As these conflicts started to rise, Portugal called for the Berlin Conference of 1884, which was organized by Otto Von Bismarck, to peacefully divide up the continent of Africa (Spielvogel and Mctighe 233-234). There were many reasons behind colonization. The most significant was that Europeans felt that they had responsibility or the, “White Man’s Burden”, which meant that because they were the ‘superior race’, it was their job to help these ‘inferior races’ to live a better life (Spielvogel and McTighe 226-227). Imperial Europe affected Africa in many commendable ways such as introducing new religion and spiking African nationalism, but more predominantly, modernizing Africa for the betterment of its natives. By bringing Christianity to Africa, Europe changed the values of many people. Native people now had the chance to embrace a foreign culture and establish a religion similar to the people they admired. As the Europeans started to exploit the indigenous people in Africa, a wanting for their freedom sparked…

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