European Powers During The World War II Essays

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European powers during the Opium and Sino-French wars, and then again during the
Sino-Japanese war, China’s longtime status as regional hegemon had come to an end.
By the end of World War II, China was already undergoing a profound process of internal change, and disengaged to a large extent from the international arena, particularly as its civil war intensified. In 1949, the Communists finally prevailed, and the remaining Nationalists retreated to Taiwan. Only four years prior, the Allied victory over Japan saw a dual American-Soviet occupation of the Korean Peninsula, leading to the North-South divide along the 38th parallel and the establishment of two separate
Korean states. The character of the respective states reflected the influence of their occupying forces: South Korea was to be a Western-style democracy with a market economy; North Korea was to be communist on a Soviet model with a command economy. China and North Korea had both emerged from these tumultuous years with a new ideological affinity, confronted anew by fundamental strategic realities similar to those that had so heavily shaped their historical relationship. ii
Desirous of a Korean peninsula free from American influence, when Pyongyang sought
Chinese support and authorization to unify the peninsula by force, it readily agreed.iii
Simultaneously, Beijing was organizing an assault on Taiwan to quash the opposition in exile, remove the prospect of a possible alternative, and consummate its legitimacy as…

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